Nail Extensions

We do 2 types of nail extension at Mint – Acrylic Nail Extensions & Gelbond Extensions please read below to see which best suit your needs or call a branch for advice.

Gelbond Nail Extensions

Click here to view video of Gelbond Nail Extension application

price  50.50

  • A product technology which revolutionises nail enhancements 
  • A pre-shaped tip – available in a variety of shapes & lengths – is safely and securely bonded to your gently prepared nail using gel and LED light then finished with gel polish. 
  • We believe this really is the gentlest way to have a nail enhancement as the preparation of the nail is the same a gel manicure. There is no buffing or filing next to the natural nail plate making these are the kindest nail extension available. 
  • Perfect for regular nail extension wearers or a one off special occasion.
  • Lasts around 2 weeks ( some clients do longer between removals)  and then we recommend that you visit us to have them gently & safely soaked off.  Then you can have them on again if you wish  (we guess you may wish to) or have a gel manicure or simply  a file and application on nail conditioner .  
  • Less than 1-hour application time.
  • Price includes application of gel or regular polish.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

price from 53.50

  • Classic powder & liquid system . Length is created using a tip and acrylic coating is applied over the top before shaping and finishing with gel or regular polish
  • Requires an INFILL to maintain the nails after 2 to 3 weeks
  • Around 1 hour 15 minutes application time
  • Price includes application of Gel Polish or regular polish

All Nail Extensions general points

  • It is strict company policy that we do not apply nail extensions to persons under 16 years of age
  • To ensure the highest standard of hygiene we ask our customers to purchase a file & buffing block for your nail or toe treatment. These are currently from £1 each item . These are yours to keep & bring back for your next treatment.
  • The health of your natural nail, you and our team is a priority. We only use the highest quality products & do not use drills or e-files.
  • Removal of previously applied product, will be charged in addition.
  • Nail Art, Glitter, Ombre  will be charged in addition . Please ask for details. Please note if you would like nail art please choose the Add Nail Art in online booking or please ask when you call in or telephone to avoid disappointment.
  • See our Instagram & Facebook pages for some exciting ideas of what we have available and latest gel polish colours.