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Allergy/Patch Test for Lash or Brow Tint & LVL

Brow tints, lash tint and party lashes and LVL are not available to book online due to the allergy test requirement.

An allergy test is required at least 48 hours prior lash tint, brow tint or LVL procedure if you have not had a tinting treatment at Mint or a Patch Test at Mint in the last 6 months. You will need to have another patch test, even if you have had a treatment or patch test in the last 6 months if any of the following apply to you; medical history has changed, you have had a tattoo, been using home tinting or had a recent allergic reaction.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can however have the Marvel Tint which is vegetable based and does not require a patch test.

Please call us for details or simply call in to one of our branches- we do not charge for tinting patch test and you do not need to make an appointment but we do keep a record of your test.  Prior to your treatment you will be required to sign to confirm that you have had an allergy test and wish to proceed with your treatment.

There is always a risk that a sensitivity reaction may occur even if you have had a patch test or had the treatment previously.

DO NOT UNDERTAKE THE TREATMENT IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING APPLY TO YOU: Blepharitis (inflammation around the eyelids), conjunctivitis or other eye infection, cyanoacrylate allergy, any contagious disease, cysts( chalazion, meibomian cyst), wet form of dry eye syndrome, general eye infections, eyelash lice, Hives, hypersensitive skin, Keratitis, Madarosis (eyelash loss), Stye (Hordeolum), swelling, redness or irritation of the treatment area, Trichiasis (ingrowing lashes) , have recently undergone eye surgery, you have undergone chemotherapy in the last 2 years. You are pregnant or a nursing mother.

If you have had a Covid-19 Vaccination or had Covid-19 since your last patch test or  tint treatment at Mint you will need a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment.

There are other conditions which may contraindicate or affect your treatment – some examples of this are:

Alopecia & other hair loss, Bells Palsy, cateracts, claustraphobia, cuts burns or abrasions, diabetic retinopathy, distichasis, dry form of dry eye syndrome, eczema, epilepsy, folliculitis, glaucoma, hay fever, psoriasis, rosacea, seizures, prone to shaking or twitching, trichotillomania, recent permanent makeup application.

If there is anything which you think may affect or contraindicate treatment please let us know prior to treatment.

Treatments for persons under 16 years of age

We have a strict policy regarding age restrictions for some of our treatments. If you are wishing to book a treatment for someone under 16 years of age please call us and ask about these age restrictions.