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Please be aware that we have a strict policy regarding age restrictions for some of our treatments. If you are wishing to book a treatment for someone under 16 years of age please call us and ask about these age restrictions. Nail extensions will not be applied to persons under 16 years of age.


Files & Buffers

To ensure the highest standard of hygiene we ask our customers to purchase a file & buffing block for your nail or toe treatment. These are currently from £1 each item . These are yours to keep & bring back for your next treatment.


How to remove gel polish & nail extensions at home

Remember never pick, peel-off or buff off the gel as you may cause temporary damage to the surface of your nails.

Here is how to safely remove gel or acrylic at home. Remove from one hand at a time.

  • Lightly buff the product with a nail file to remove the shine.
  • Soak a small piece off cotton wool with Gel Remover available to purchase in salon. (If you cannot get to the salon you can use nail polish remover  or acetone.  Please be aware that if you use nail polish remover it will take longer to soften the product so leave wrapped for around another 10 minutes. Obviously products will vary in strength so always pay attention to manufacturers instructions.
  • Wrap a piece of tin foil around each nail to secure the cotton wool pad & leave for 30 minutes. Nail Extensions may require removing some product and re-wrapping of the nails until the product is sufficiently softened to remove.
  • One nail at a time remove the foil & cotton wool and gently scrape away the product using your own nail on the other hand or an orange wood stick. Please do not be tempted to pull the gel and refrain from using metal implements (unless you have a specialist tool). Your own nail is the safest way to avoid damage.
  •  Repeat on other hand
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and apply nail conditioning oil regularly and a nail strengthener if you have one. Your nails may appear a little dry – this is the removal product which removes some of the natural oils – this is why you should use a nail oil. These are all available to purchase in Mint salons