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Whatever your nail care requirements we have the treatment that's right for you

All our salons offer manicures using regular nail polish or long lasting gel polishes.

Choose Your Perfect Gel Manicure……

We have a choice of Gel Manicures to suit your nail type, your lifestyle and how much time you have in your busy schedule for your manicure.

  • one-step-gel manicure – Our quickest gel manicure. Includes application of one-step-gel which combines base-coat, colour & high shine top-coat in one bottle.
  • three-step-gel manicure – Our classic gel manicure. Includes application of separate base, colour & top coats, giving your nails extra protection than our one-step-gel manicure.
  • gel overlay manicure use biosculpture gel – When your nails feel like they need even more protection than our three-step-gel. Includes application of gel base, colour & top coats.
  • mint manicures are a selection of treatments using regular nail polish or just to treat & condition your natural nails
  • nail extensions are the solution if you want instant extra length for your nails. We offer both gel & acrylic extensions

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