gel overlay manicure

gel overlay manicure

Gel overlay manicures offer even more protection than our three-step-gel manicure. They use biosculpture gel to protect your nails while they grow making it an ideal treatment for weaker nails and those who are a little "heavier" on their nails

  • Instantly dry - no smudges or drying time required
  • gel is applied to your nails and then dried or "cured" using a UV light
  • lasts up to 2 weeks
  • easy to remove by soak off - either in salon or at home-see below 
  • no damage to natural nails
  • available in french or colour
  • ideal for weaker nails
  • includes cuticle tidy and nail shaping
  • available in french manicure or over 30 colours
  • appliction time around 30 minutes

price 31.50

All our gel manicures can last up to around 2 weeks depending on lifestyle, nail length, condition and how you look after your nails at home

download aftercare leaflet on this page to find out how to care for your gel overlays

how to remove at home

remove one hand at a time1.lightly buff the product with a nail file to remove the shine 2. soak a small piece off cotton wool with gel remover available to purchase in salon 3. wrap a piece of tin foil around each nail to secure the cotton wool pad & leave for 25 minutes 4. One nail at a time remove the foil & cotton wool and gently scrape away the product using your own nail on the other hand or an orangewood stick. 5. repeat on other hand

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